08-06-02My house from the backside.
   08-06-02My house from the streetside.
   08-06-07The kitchen.
   08-06-07The electric cooker.
   08-06-07With cheramic plate. Not much used.
   08-06-07A spare-room with a blackbear-skin on the wall.
My sister shot the bear in Canada.
I think it can be Nam:s room.
   08-06-07The computer-room
   08-06-07Our bed-room on second floor..
   08-06-07A sawing-room on second floor.
   08-06-07A computer/study-desk, if someone need it.
   08-06-07The bath-room
   08-06-07With the toilet.
   08-06-08The washermachine in the basement.
I should move it to the topfloor later.
   08-06-08Fridge in the upper door and freezer in the lower door.
   08-06-09My garage at home, or "rain-cover"
   08-06-09Another house in the garden. I used it as workshop/storage.
   08-06-09Some outhouse for wood and construction material.
   08-06-09A place to store the wood for the winter.
   08-06-09And here is some wood in it.